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A World Economy and Population in Flux

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This cluster of links focuses on global-scale issues. Things like AIDS, population growth, and economic development.

Hans Rosling data visualizations are as informative as they are visually appealing; all his videos are a must-see. Human migration, an oft-overlooked part of the issue, is clearly visualized on UNDP’s page.  Parag Khanna takes us through some insights which might change the way you look at nation states, and Pisani shows how we need to take account of psychological forces when we want to develop programs to eradicate AIDS.

Hans Rosling | Profile on TED.com

Worldmapper: The world as you’ve never seen it before

Statistics | Getting and Using Data | Human mobility | How and why people move | Human Development Reports (HDR) | United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Parag Khanna maps the future of countries | Video on TED.com

Elizabeth Pisani: Sex, drugs and HIV — let’s get rational | Video on TED.com

I think that, when you look at the long term, economics is power.  We have all heard the words “rapid” and “rise” applied to China, but it’s important to see all the major players.

BRIC – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Next Eleven – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There are other crucial demographic trends that piggyback with population growth.  I don’t know how many people fully realize that, while the U.S. is facing Social Security and health care problems as its own population grows old, China’s one-child-per-family policy is pushing it through the same process at a much faster rate.  Population growth in developing nations like India has translated to a huge population (11 million) of children living on the streets.

Population ageing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Street children – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The permanent oil slick no one is talking about | The Observers

Dailymotion – The Crisis of Credit Visualized – a Tech & Science video

Challenge: Let’s do something with these 3-D pyramids


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